Meeting Native Creatures

Today the Pigrim Fathers have realized they were not alone in the new land.
They have met some native creatures. They looked weird, but they were nice. They have learned that they belonged to a tribe called Monchhichi. Then they have made friends with them.


Another round of the mandarula Race has been held today. Everything was going fine when ...

Mandarin suddenly slipped out and crashed into the rail.

It was very serious. They had to call the ambulance.

Finally Banana and Fearless won the race. They were very happy.

Mandarula starting

Finally the day has come! The big Mandarula Race has started.

There they go!


The animals have been planning a car racing track around the house all day today. It will be organized for the Finger Puppets, and they will call it Mandarula. It is a weird name, isn't it?. They call it so, because they would like to remember a lost Finger Puppet, whose name was Mandarin.

Training for the Great Pile Contest

The stuffed animals have been hectically practising for the Great Pile Contest all day. The contest will be held in Sydney, Australia. The aim is for the stuffed animals to make the highest pile possible of themselves.