Crime. Police Set Up

It was a sad day. In the morning it turned out that not all citizens of Plush Republic were as lawful as they used to be: a few things have been stolen from the treasury during the night.
Bodri the Pooh told the stuffed animals that they needed to set up the Police.

Scottie was appointed detective.

Blöki and Whitey were chosen for the posts of policeanimals.

Watching F1

Grover watched Formula One on Sunday. Who do you think he supported?

A Regular Day in High Land

It is a regular day in High Land.
Whitey and Serena are listening to music.
Stretch, Seal, Cubby, Donkey, and Finger Doggy are playing ball games. Beaver, Hedgehog and Little Cow are playing cards. Scottie and Rattie are playing with trains.

Bodri the Pooh is having a meeting with Fickó in Low Land.

Big Kid is at school, but he trusts the stuffed animals and knows that they are behaving nicely when they're left home alone.


Of course they go to school! Otherwise they would not be clever enough to run all these things in Plush Republic. At school they do maths, science, arts and sport. There's no school on Friday. There are long breaks after each lesson. And it's no problem if someone doesn't feel like going sometimes. The stuffed animals like their school.

The Post Office

Bodri the Pooh adviced to set up the post office to help communication between the animals.
And he was right: they soon discovered the benefit of it and are very active in sending letters and postcards to each other.
Postman Rat works here:

They have a delivery truck as well:

Public Transport

Public Transport in Plush Republic is one of the best ideas of Bodri the Pooh:
1. As High Land is located on top of a bunk bed and Low Land on a mattress right next to it, Bodri the Pooh thought it would be great to operate a lift between the two cities. They only needed a string and a bag to make it. They found a bag with a double decker bus on it! The lift can be pulled up and down with a string from High Land:

2. They sometimes want to get to other parts of the house, so Bodri the Pooh introduced a bus system, too!

High Land and Low Land

Plush Republic consists of two main regions:

1. High Land: located on the top bunk of a bunk bed, run by Big Kid. The mayor is Bodri the Pooh.

2. Low Land: located on a mattress on the floor, right next to the bunk bed, run by Little Kid. Mayor: Fickó (the one very similar to Bodri)

The stuffed animals mainly come from second hand shops. The most favourite kinds are Ty Beanies and Anna Club Plush. Quite a few heve been bought at IKEA, too.

An Emerging Leader

Years passed in peace and happiness.
Lots of new institutions were established thank to a young dog, called Bodri, who came from IKEA. His brightness became obvious to everyone throughout the land.
He later adviced to introduce democracy. Buffalo agreed as he was amazed by Bodri's excellence.
A public vote was held and the Leadership were elected.
Plush Kingdom was called Plush Republic from then on.
In a few weeks they appointed Bodri president and he was named Bodri the Pooh.

Plush Kingdom Founded

One day everything changed. A new creature arrived: Grover. Little Kid was mad about him. (It's a really cool Grover, it's true!)
Jake the mallard followed soon after. It's aTy Beanie figure, it looks so real and it's beany and soft. So cool. No wonder he was the starting point of Big Kid's passion for stuffed animals. Big Kid was mad about him. (Jake and Grover were found by Mom and Auntie in a second hand shop. The women thought they'd give them a try ...)
So the rule of the beany toys started. Every now and then a new creature arrived (Mom's a passionate second hand shopper) and soon the land was inhabited.
Buffalo founded the stuffed animals' empire, which he called Plush Kingdom.

The Beginnings

In the beginning there was only Buffalo.
He was very lonely because there were no other stuffed animals around, and Little Kid and Big Kid did not care about him. The land was full of matchbox cars and duplo figures.

Later came 10 Finger Puppets, but nobody cared about them, either.
Then Mom made Miffy1 and Miffy2 after some cartoon Little Kid and Big Kid liked. They had the privilege to sleep in their beds, but they were just as lonely most of the time as Buffalo.