The Protest

Not all the people in Low Land were happy about the plans of break-away. The citizens of High Land were all against it, too.
The Ty Beanie Group, whose members come from both cities, organized an unusual protest action: they climbed up (or flew up) to the cornice above Low Land, put protesting posters on the ceiling and had hunger strike there for a couple of days.
Their efforts have turned out to be effective: the nonconformists have finally changed their minds.
They have settled the issue by agreeing that a new leadership will soon be elected as there'll be elections in a few months.

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Bodri the Pooh Found Too Bossy

There is no such leader who can always have all his citizens' sympathy. Now this is the case in Plush Republic, too.
Some people in Low Land have started to feel oppressed. Today they have organized a demonstration against Bodri the Pooh.
Later they had a talk with him and told him that they were fed up with carrying out his fantastic ideas all the time while theirs are usually voted against in the Leadership.
They also requested the Leadership to grant them right to run their own city independently.

Bodri and the Thistle. Final Episode

Bodri the Pooh saw that his thistle plant had all dried out. He wondered if Eeyore had eaten it fresh or dry.

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