Learning English

Mom teaches both Little Kid and Big Kid English. Today Bodri the Pooh, Bobi and Duckling have participated in Little Kid's English lesson. They enjoyed doing the shopping roleplay very much. They have decided to come some othe time, too.

Reading is Fun!

Some stuffed animals have found a book on Big Kid's bed today. They began to read it and they couldn't stop because it was so interesting. But later Big Kid came back to read and told them that they can have the book once he is finished with it.
The book is called Winnetou.


Carrot, Jake and Duckling have decided to take a trip to Terrace Town today. Along their way they found something interesting: a pair of jeans with lots of diamonds. They have never seen such glitter. They rushed to Little Kid and told him about it.

"Mom has found these jeans in a second hand shop today.", Little Kid explained. "She bought them just because of the treasure. She'll take them off and give them to us!"

They were all very happy about it!!!

High Land Festival

Today was the day of High Land Festival. The citizens of High Land had spent months preparing for it. They had made a very special gift for their beloved mayor, Bodri the Pooh: a statue.
In the photo you can see Serena unveiling it. Bodri spent a long time looking at it. He was moved.
Later he made a speech thanking the citizens for their kindness.

Cleanup Day

High Land Festival is round the corner, so the stuffed animals have started to tidy their city today. There is such a mess that it will surely last for a couple of days.
They haven't cleaned up for quite a long time now, so a whole lot of stuff had piled up there.

While the citizens of High Land were cleaning their city, Postman Rat was also tidying the post office. He did all the work himself.

Truck race

Banana had an idea of a truck race on the track called "Greengass".
Here's how it went:

The Run:

The Greengrass Race

Today Jake and Pinchers have organized a race called Greengrass for the Finger Puppets in Granny's Garden. They got so dirty that they had to be washed (together with Little Kid's shorts).

The Great Pile Contest

The team of Buffalo Land has come second at the Great Pile Contest in Sydney. Only the Spanish team beat them.

We Shall Till the Ground

Today the Pilgrim Fathers went on tilling the ground. The activity was followed by curious looks from other animals (which weren't stuffed).

We Shall Till the Ground

Today the Pilgrim Fathers have gone discovering. They have looked around the garden and agreed that the soil is good for growing crops. They have decided to learn to till the ground. The words were soon followed by deeds: Fickó, Teddy and Blacky got down to work immediately:

Meeting Native Creatures

Today the Pigrim Fathers have realized they were not alone in the new land.
They have met some native creatures. They looked weird, but they were nice. They have learned that they belonged to a tribe called Monchhichi. Then they have made friends with them.


Another round of the mandarula Race has been held today. Everything was going fine when ...

Mandarin suddenly slipped out and crashed into the rail.

It was very serious. They had to call the ambulance.

Finally Banana and Fearless won the race. They were very happy.

Mandarula starting

Finally the day has come! The big Mandarula Race has started.

There they go!


The animals have been planning a car racing track around the house all day today. It will be organized for the Finger Puppets, and they will call it Mandarula. It is a weird name, isn't it?. They call it so, because they would like to remember a lost Finger Puppet, whose name was Mandarin.

Training for the Great Pile Contest

The stuffed animals have been hectically practising for the Great Pile Contest all day. The contest will be held in Sydney, Australia. The aim is for the stuffed animals to make the highest pile possible of themselves.

Arriving at a new land

The Pilgrim Fathers have arrived at Granny's house.

They have settled in with great plans: they want to start a new community. They have also agreed that from time to time they would organize exchange visits with the people of Plush Republic.
They have called the new land Botfa D.C.


The plush figures love newcomers: they enjoy their ever growing community.
However, administration is becoming more and more difficult: Little Kid and Big Kid always have to rewrite the list of members, the registers for memberships in different groups and sports events, make more and more voting papers during elections and so on. So they had a talk with Bodri the Pooh.

"Plush Republic is overpopulated", said Bodri in today's Leadership meeting. "We must do something about it."

A general congress was called together, where Fickó, the mayor of Low Land said that he was feeling a kind of pioneering spirit  moving in him, and is ready to leave to build another country somewhere else. He asked the animals if anyone felt like joining him.

Finally there was this nice group of stuffed animals ready to go and see the world:

They were then prayed for and given the name Pilgrim Fathers.