Playing Santa

Rat-Sta and Burt have been playing Santa today.

They have brought sweets to all the plush figures around Plush Republic.

A Day of Sport

Jake, Pinchers and Buffalo have gone on a little trip around the house today.
In one of the corners they found something interesting: it had two steps: while one went down the other went up. They started to play on it. It was not an easy job, though. It was more of a sweaty job: they got really tired. They did not walk home, but caught a bus.

Blöki's Bad Day

Blöki's had a bad day today. He was getting on everyone's nerves all morning, so Rooster gave it to him.
It hurt him so bad, that he lay in bed all afternoon.

The Day After Election Day

So much happeded yesterday that it didn't fit in one post.

Scottie, Jake and Buffalo were counting the votes for a long time:

Also, some people had to go to prison. The reason: violation of campaign silence.

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Election Day

The general elections have finally been held today.
The pictures show how the voting went in Low Land and High Land. You can see how Jake was supervising that everything is done properly (left).

We captured Bodri the Pooh while he was voting:

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Election Campaign

Another picture of the election campaign:
The stuffed animals come up with a new idea every day. The label on the car says: "Vote for Blöki!"

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Election Campaign

The election campaign is going on with full speed. Today Runner has held his electoral speech. He spoke about how the building up of Plush Republic would continue if he was elected president. To emphasize his points he had made a decoration of LEGO showing a big construction.

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Elections Under Way

Preparations have continued for the upcoming elections. Jake is responsible for organizing the big event. (He is one of the founders of Plush Republic.) Today Big Kid has helped him make and pack all the voting cards. Look:

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The Protest

Not all the people in Low Land were happy about the plans of break-away. The citizens of High Land were all against it, too.
The Ty Beanie Group, whose members come from both cities, organized an unusual protest action: they climbed up (or flew up) to the cornice above Low Land, put protesting posters on the ceiling and had hunger strike there for a couple of days.
Their efforts have turned out to be effective: the nonconformists have finally changed their minds.
They have settled the issue by agreeing that a new leadership will soon be elected as there'll be elections in a few months.

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Bodri the Pooh Found Too Bossy

There is no such leader who can always have all his citizens' sympathy. Now this is the case in Plush Republic, too.
Some people in Low Land have started to feel oppressed. Today they have organized a demonstration against Bodri the Pooh.
Later they had a talk with him and told him that they were fed up with carrying out his fantastic ideas all the time while theirs are usually voted against in the Leadership.
They also requested the Leadership to grant them right to run their own city independently.

Bodri and the Thistle. Final Episode

Bodri the Pooh saw that his thistle plant had all dried out. He wondered if Eeyore had eaten it fresh or dry.

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Serena Goes Orienteering

Serena was at an orienteering event at the weekend. Do you think he had all the vital equipment he needed? (Please comment for an answer.)

The First Plush Olympic Games 5. Closing Day

It was the last day of the Plulimpia.
There were only the long jump events left. After the long jump the stuffed animals were enjoying constructing road junctions in the sand.

Finally they went home and a big, comprehensive wash was unavoidable.

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The First Plush Olympic Games 4. A Sunny Day

On the following day of the Plush Olympic Games the sun was shining so the stuffed animals could go out for the running events.

Here's a shot of the 400m running:

Then there was orienteering. This is when you have a map and have to find checkpoints while running. In the photo you can see Bodri the Pooh thinking at one of the checkpoints.

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The First Plush Olympic Games 3. A Rainy Day

Unfortunately it was raining the next day, so the Olympic wrestling and fencing games were held inside.
It was fun nevertheless.

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The First Plush Olympic Games 2. The Flame

After the teams had all marched in the Olympic Flame was lit:

Then a star guest was entertaining the sports people and the public:

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The First Plush Olympic Games 1.

The big day had come. The stuffed animals (along with Little Kid and Big Kid) could hardly wait for the afternoon when they would be off to Granny's house to start the First Plush Olympic Games, also called Plulimpia.
Granny has a nice, big garden with enough space for all the sports games to be held.

So they packed up everything:

The Opening celebration started as soon as they arrived at Granny's garden.
The figures all marched around with their own teams:

1. The Dog team------------- 2. Friends from Plush Republic

3. The Brownies -----------------4. Birds Don't Fly

5. The Small Team ------------------6. Teddies Team

Then the Olympic Flame was lit.

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Tea and Ben went on vacation to Terrace Town. They borrowed this camper from the Playmobil figures. It was just right for them!

On the Way to Thistle Again ...

Bodri the Pooh decided not to give up on that thistle.
So he went out to see it again. He decided to be more cautious this time.

But as he was thinking about how he would pick thistle, he fell into an abyss.

Little Kid saved him and took him home. He spent a long time picking all the dry grass and thorns out of his fur. He told him to forget about the thistle, because he himself got a thorn into his own finger, too, and it hurt him a lot.

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Bodri the Pooh Tries Thistle

Bodri the Pooh has found a huge thistle plant not very far from their home. He had seen it earlier, but he hadn't thought it was anything important - until a few days ago, when he read Winnie the Pooh and found that thistle was Eeyore's favourite food.
He loved Eeyore, so he decided to try thistle. He climbed up on it all right, but when he wanted to touch a flower, it stung him badly. So he gave up for the time being.

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Pooh Reads Pooh

Today Bodri the Pooh felt like learning about where his name came from. He was given a Winnie the Pooh book which he sterted to read immediately.
He liked Eeyore the best.

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An Accident

It was another day of practising for the Plulimpia (Plush Olympics). But this time the ambulance people weren't just watching happily: there was a serious accident:

Little Cow had to be taken to hospital.

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Practising for the Plulimpia

This was another day of preparation  for the Summer Plush Olimpic Games (also known as Plulimpia).
Today the stuffed animals practised high jumping. Marcipán was doing quite well.

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Confuse the Cat

Two new creatures have arrived today. One was named Tea, the other: Ben.
At first they were a little bit scared, but later they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Later they started to play tricks on Granny's cats. Man, were they confused!

Sangria? Yummy!

A bottle of Sangria was bought for Dad's birthday and hidden in a secret place in High Land. But alas! Whitey has found it. He was curious, so he tasted it.

I'd better not tell you what happened next ...

Preparations for the Plulimpia

Preparations have continued for the Summer Plush Olimpic Games (also known as Plulimpia) today. The idea was brought about months ago. Every now and then the bosses get together to make their plans more and more accurate.

The event will be held in Granny's garden. There will be running, orienteering, fencing, wrestling, jumping and who knows what else. There are so many plans that Bogi and Buffalo had to ask for a folder to collect all their papers.

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A Real Hedgehog!!!

Today Little Kid and Big Kid have seen a real hedgehog right next to the house. They were amazed by the similarity to their plush Hedgehog: