Practising for the Plulimpia

This was another day of preparation  for the Summer Plush Olimpic Games (also known as Plulimpia).
Today the stuffed animals practised high jumping. Marcipán was doing quite well.

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Confuse the Cat

Two new creatures have arrived today. One was named Tea, the other: Ben.
At first they were a little bit scared, but later they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Later they started to play tricks on Granny's cats. Man, were they confused!

Sangria? Yummy!

A bottle of Sangria was bought for Dad's birthday and hidden in a secret place in High Land. But alas! Whitey has found it. He was curious, so he tasted it.

I'd better not tell you what happened next ...

Preparations for the Plulimpia

Preparations have continued for the Summer Plush Olimpic Games (also known as Plulimpia) today. The idea was brought about months ago. Every now and then the bosses get together to make their plans more and more accurate.

The event will be held in Granny's garden. There will be running, orienteering, fencing, wrestling, jumping and who knows what else. There are so many plans that Bogi and Buffalo had to ask for a folder to collect all their papers.

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A Real Hedgehog!!!

Today Little Kid and Big Kid have seen a real hedgehog right next to the house. They were amazed by the similarity to their plush Hedgehog:

The Treasury

The people of Plush Republic are busy all the time, so the country has gradually piled up considerable wealth. It is kept in the Treasury.

Like it, eh? You'd better not try to steal it, though, because the stuffed animals take turns guarding the treasury. It's Runner's turn today:

They also have policeanimals and a detective (see previous post).