Arriving at a new land

The Pilgrim Fathers have arrived at Granny's house.

They have settled in with great plans: they want to start a new community. They have also agreed that from time to time they would organize exchange visits with the people of Plush Republic.
They have called the new land Botfa D.C.


The plush figures love newcomers: they enjoy their ever growing community.
However, administration is becoming more and more difficult: Little Kid and Big Kid always have to rewrite the list of members, the registers for memberships in different groups and sports events, make more and more voting papers during elections and so on. So they had a talk with Bodri the Pooh.

"Plush Republic is overpopulated", said Bodri in today's Leadership meeting. "We must do something about it."

A general congress was called together, where Fickó, the mayor of Low Land said that he was feeling a kind of pioneering spirit  moving in him, and is ready to leave to build another country somewhere else. He asked the animals if anyone felt like joining him.

Finally there was this nice group of stuffed animals ready to go and see the world:

They were then prayed for and given the name Pilgrim Fathers.